Diagnostic ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound at Reprolife

Diagnostic ultrasound (sonography) is completely painless and safe and can be applied to patients of any gender and age.

Medical ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique with therapeutic application of ultrasound for detecting diseases of various internal organs and tissues, based on the ability of dense structures to reflect ultrasonic vibrations. The ultrasound diagnostics makes possible to detect the changes in the structure, size and appearance of neoplasms of internal organs.

Medical ultrasound procedure is indispensable in pregnancy management. It is required for the timely determination of a fetus and an expectant mother’s organs pathologies. The procedure is subject to be carried out in each trimester of pregnancy, if necessary, an attending physician may prescribe an additional diagnostic ultrasonography procedure.

Diagnostics ultrasonography is completely painless and safe procedure which can be applied to patients of any gender and age. Ultrasound radiation is absolutely harmless to humans, thus the medical examinations by means of ultrasound procedure have no strict contraindications. The possibility of any restrictions will additionally be reported by the attending physician.

The ultrasound scanning procedures at Reprolife Medical Center are carried out by highly qualified experts using the most advanced modern equipment, which ensures high accuracy of diagnosis and indications for proper treatment according to international protocols and standards.

Types of Ultrasound (Sonogram)
at Reprolife medical center

  • Pelvic ultrasound including 3D
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Prostate Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy ultrasound
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Scrotal ultrasound with vascular ultrasonography
  • Thoracic ultrasound

What preparation is needed for an ultrasound?

Depending on the area or organ that is being examined, some procedures may be required. The ultrasound diagnostic usually takes from 10 minutes to half an hour.

  • Abdominal ultrasound
    An abdominal ultrasound examination is performed on an empty stomach. It is recommended to exclude food eating for 6-8 hours, drinking fluids 2 hours prior to procedure. The previous day some light dinner is allowed excluding any gas-forming products (bread, legumes, vegetables, fruits, milk).
  • Bladder ultrasound
    An ultrasound examination of a bladder requires to have a full bladder. To do this, about 1.5 hours before the procedure, a patient is required to drink 4-6 glasses of still water.
  • Breast ultrasound
    An ultrasound examination of the mammary glands is carried out between days 5 to 14 of the menstrual cycle. By way of exception, an exam can be performed any day.
  •  Pelvic ultrasound
    If pelvic organs are examined by an external ultrasound scan when the bladder is supposed to be full, then before the exam, a patient is required to drink about 1 liter of water and do not empty the bladder for an hour. In case when ultrasound procedure is carried out by an internal (vaginal) sensor, the bladder must be emptied before this particular procedure.
  •  Pregnancy ultrasound
    When performing an early pregnancy ultrasound, it is necessary that the bladder would be full, therefore, before the procedure, it is required to drink a certain amount of fluid – the volume is to be determined by a doctor. In the second half of pregnancy, the full bladder for this procedure is not required, by this time the fetus is already pretty well visualized.

What is the ultrasound procedure?

Зачастую УЗ исследование выполняется натощак после предварительной подготовки (описанной выше) и состоит из следующих этапов:

  • In general, an ultrasound examination is performed on an empty stomach after preliminary preparation (described above) and consists of the following steps:
  • Patient is required to remove all clothing in the area to be examined to let the ultrasonic transducer contact with the body;
  • Patient’s positioning on the examination table depends on the examined area.
  • Water-based gel is applied to the area of the body being studied. The gel will help the sound waves passing into your body;
  • The sonographer moves the transducer back and forth over the area of interest, assessing examined organs, structures and its dimensions;
  • After an exam, the doctor’s conclusion on the examinations, together with an ultrasound image obtained during exam are issued in case of disease is being diagnosed.
  • For ultrasound scan procedure of the lymph nodes, soft tissues, mammary glands, thyroid, it is enough to apply a gel on the skin and conduct an examination.
  • The exam duration is from 10 to 60 minutes.

Ultrasound scanning procedure at Reprolife clinic


At Reprolife Medical Center medical ultrasound examinations are carried out by highly trained and qualified experts. Each doctor of the clinic annually undergoes skills upgrading trainings, participates in international conferences and forums. This provides our patients with a modern, innovative approach and high accuracy of diagnosis and treatment based on the latest scientific achievements.

Service and comfort of highest level.

We do care not only about health but also about the comfort of every our patient.


Reprolife Medical Center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including 3D and 4D ultrasound machines, which enables the most accurate diagnosis with subsequent treatment.

Responsiveness in diagnosis and treatment.

Ultrasound diagnosis in combination with a consultation of an attending physician. Patient’s exam results are issued in a convenient format.