Юлія Володимирівна

Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive therapist-endocrinologist, ultrasound specialist

Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive therapist-endocrinologist, ultrasound specialist
  • Medical specialty: Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive therapist-endocrinologist, ultrasound specialist
  • Specialisation: Obstetrics and gynecology, ultrasound diagnostics.
  • Categories and degrees:
  • Medical experience: Since 2017
  • Primary education:
    • Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (September 1, 2011 – June 23, 2017), obtained the qualification: degree of higher education specialist, specialty “Medical Affairs” professional qualification – doctor.
    • Internship in obstetrics and gynecology (01.08.2017-30.06.2020) at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, in correspondence on the basis of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Perinatal Center and Family Planning Center, received the title of doctor -specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.
    • NMAPE named after PL Shupyk (04.01.2021-07.04.2021) completed the cycle of specialization “Ultrasound Diagnostics” and received the title of specialist in the specialty “Ultrasound Diagnostics”.
Additional education
  • NMAPE named after PL Shupyk, Kyiv, TU “Colposcopic diagnosis and methods of treatment of cervical pathology” (03.09.2020-02.10.2020).
  • NMAPE named after P.L. Shupyka, Kyiv, Technical University “Topical issues of endoscopy in gynecology” (November 10, 2020 – November 24, 2020).
  • Internship at the Kyiv City Center for Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine in the Department of Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery and in the Office of Cervical Pathology (August-September 2020).
  • Pharmacist: Precarpathian Clinical Oncology Center (2018 – 2019). Pre-Carpathian Center for Human Reproduction: Department of Operative Gynecology, Department of ART (2019 – 2020).
Main directions
  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the reproductive system from menarche to menopause;
  • family planning counseling, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, habitual miscarriage;
  • preparation and management of pregnancy (including pregnancy that occurred with the help of assisted reproductive technologies);
  • postpartum management, counseling on breastfeeding and postpartum contraception;
  • treatment of endocrine disorders of the female reproductive system: menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • hyperandrogenism, hyperprolactinemia;
  • comprehensive treatment of acne;
  • correction of disorders of hydrocarbon metabolism (metabolic syndrome);
  • conducting the period of perimenopause, menopause;
  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cervix, vagina and vulva (simple and advanced colposcopy, biopsy / excision of the cervix);management of hyperplastic processes of the endometrium, uterine fibroids, endometriosis;operative gynecology:
  • diagnostic hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy, laparoscopy;
  • determination of the patency of the fallopian tubes by echosalpingohysteroscopy, metrosalpingography, chromohydrotubing in TAL;
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • screening, prevention, treatment of benign neoplasms of the reproductive system of women;
  • individual selection of the method of contraception, including the installation and removal of intrauterine systems;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of diseases of the reproductive system.