Литвиненко Роман Анатолійович
Завідувач відділенням репродуктивної медицини та хірургії

Words of gratitude to our participants

Our scientific meeting brought together specialists from almost all over the world, including Monash University in Melbourne (Australia), University of New South Wales (Australia), The Robinson Research Institute and the School of Biomedicine at the University of Adelaide (Australia), Carlos Simon Foundation (Spain), Luebeck University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), Igenomix (Spain), Medical center ReproLife (Ukraine), Overture Life and Department of Genetics and Cell Biology (USA), School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition in Women’s Health, University of Aberdeen (UK), IVI RMA (Spain), IVF 2.0 (Mexico), Juno Genetics (Spain), Life Leuven Institute for Fertility (Belgium), GeNeRa (Italy), IVF Brussels (Belgium), GenEmbryomics (Australia), Butterfly Biosciences (USA), Boston IVF (USA), Maastricht University (Netherlands) and more and we received resonance in reproductive specialists’ community, ensuring top notch scientists meeting. Chief medical doctor Olha Romanova, scientific director and clinical lead Roman Lytvynenko, fertility team specialists of medical center ReproLife and reproductive specialists from Ukraine express highest respect and infinite gratitude for each speaker contribution, human support and professional participation in our forum.

For us, the clinicians’ and administrative staff of the medical center Reprolife, educational meeting is especially important because we believe that with participating such educational meeting we can elaborate new approaches and explore new aspects of human fertility all together therefore contribute to reproductive medicine development with a mission to make a difference for fertility patients.          I am convinced that all those who have been with us during these two days and have been participated in the Forum are people who sincerely support Ukraine and are immensely proud of the Courage, the Ukrainian people demonstrate every single day and of huge price they are paying while endeavoring their own freedom and independence. So, as I mentioned, our Forum is an educational event. Among the speakers of the Forum, I am not afraid of this word, there are luminaries of world science and practice in reproductive medicine. I want to thank each participant separately for agreeing to support Ukraine, speak at our forum and share achievements and experience in the reproductive endocrynology and reproductive genetics, in our amazing specialties.

I expected the outstanding presentations from the speakers and our faculties, but in fact they exceeded all our expectations by remaining classical, presenting high quality research, and at the same time, being so supporting. I am sure that the style of each researcher is nonesuch and should be followed both in dedication to the profession and in generous readiness to help in uncertain period.

I am sure that we have once again conveyed to the world the idea that we must unite for creations, but not for destruction. Definitely with our addresses we also gave away or spread particles of our energy and mind, shared peaceful educational insights, expressed a simple message about the essence of life and the fact that we need to worry about the next generations, about the genetic and reproductive potential of the people or each individual peaceful nation.

I also would like to mention in particular and thank our reliable and outstanding colleagues prof. Christos Venetis, prof. Ben Mol, prof. Jus S. John, prof. Carlos Simon, prof. Nick Macklon, Dr. Ernesto Bosch Aparicio and specialists’ pleiad from IVI Valencia, prof. Bert Smeets, Dr. Santiago Munne, prof. George Griesinger, Danilo Cimadomo, Carmen Rubio and prof. Thomas D’Hooghe for their insights on how to improve the quality of fertility care for patients, maximising their chances of having a healthy baby in the shortest period of time in the safest way.

Our scientific programme was saturated with many inspiring presentations from field key opinion leaders, reputable doctors, outstanding researchers and among them Dr. Elena Labarta, Dr. Marcos Meseguer, Dr. Nella Volyk, Dr. Maria Ruiz, Jessica Subira, Patricia Diaz Gimeno, Hortensia Ferrero, prof. Siladitya Bhattacharya, prof. Christophe Blockeel, Dr. Denny Sakkas, Dr. Valerie Schutyzer, Gerardo Mendizabal-Ruiz, Moses Cesario, Nick Murhy and this list could be continued for a long time as many people are behind the organization of our forum. Their speeches was dedicated to future perspectives and sequencing in our exciting and marvelous specialties, in reproductive medicine and genetics.

We appreciate each effort of our reliable colleagues, our official partners, each and every speaker for generous willingness to support our initiative and making this truly memorable networking event possible. We look forward to seeing you all in our Forum of Solidarity to Ukrainian Courage sequences in the future and inevitably in person!

        The author of the idea of creating a Forum of Solidarity for Ukrainian Courage!

                                                   Roman Lytvynenko


 “…the truly great make you feel like you can become great too. Surround yourself with people who inspire and especially inspire you!”

Samuel Langhorne Clemens