What is an embryoscope?

The embryoscope is an incubator for embryo development, with time-lapse technology and an algorithm to help select embryos.

This advanced technology makes it possible to record the processes of embryonic cell division every 10 minutes in 7 layers and view them on a monitor in real time, saving moments from the very beginning of life. Thus, we get a video summary of the development of each embryo. In addition, we use algorithms that allow us to analyze more information to select embryos with the greatest potential for implantation and successful pregnancy.

What are the benefits of a Time-Lapse technology?

One of the important stages of the IVF program is the cultivation of embryos to the blastocyst stage for subsequent transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity or freezing.
The latest generation incubators with built-in Time-Lapse system is used for embryo cultivation.

The advantage of embryos cultivation using the Time-Lapse system:
  • Monitoring the development of each embryo 24/7
  • Detailed information about the development of each embryo. With the help of this technology it becomes possible to observe the morphology and all critical stages of embryo fragmentation in dynamics – Accurate study of embryo division processes. This information assists in decision making when we need to choose the embryo with the highest chance for the successful pregnancy.
  • Preservation of temperature and gas environment during embryo cultivation. Time-Lapse incubator keeps the embryos in constant conditions. There is no longer a need to extract embryos from incubators on a daily basis to assess the parameters of division and development. In this way, we provide the entire period of embryo development at a stable temperature, humidity and gas content. Accordingly we reduce environmental stress to each the embryo is exposed during normal cultivation, and contribute to increase of the IVF program effectiveness. In traditional incubators Embryos should be removed at certain points in their development to be examined under a microscope. Although these intervals are very short, environmental conditions change during this time.
  • The use of artificial intelligence, which is based on the analysis of the world’s largest database on embryo development and high clinical outcomes. Using frame-by-frame imaging technology in the embryoscope, we obtain accurate information not only about the “appearance” of the embryo, but also about cell divisions and the rate at which they occur (morphokinetics). This program displays the implantation potential for each embryo and provides effective assistance to the embryologist in making a decision. This provides the best conditions for embryo development, higher implantation rates and pregnancy development.


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The results obtained 

The use of advanced technologies and Time-Lapse  technology and its imaging system, along with the analysis of all embryonic chromosomes with PGT-A, allows us to achieve the highest efficiency and main goal: the birth of healthy children and reduce treatment time for the couple.


Vasiliy Lyalyuk

Embryologist, biologist