Pregnancy management

Pregnancy care at ReproLife Medical Center

Pregnancy is special and very important period in a woman’s life whose goal is the birth of a healthy child. The path to this particular goal is quite long – 40 weeks. During this period, an expectant mother may have new questions and concerns: «How does a baby develop? Is everything okay with a child? What should I do?»

Qualified prenatal care is the foundation of a successful pregnancy outcome and health of an expectant mother and a baby.

Choosing a prenatal health care provider is very important task for future parents. The earlier begins the care for a mother and a baby, the more likely it is that the pregnancy will go smoothly and a baby will be born healthy.

«Pregnancy management» program at Reprolife Medical Center is the comprehensive prenatal care program for an expectant mother support during pregnancy which includes all the mandatory planned activities. Allowing gestation peculiarities to be monitored timely alongside with that assessing the general state of health of a patient and a baby.

Pregnancy management is conducted by an individual obstetrician-gynecologist according all required European protocols and standards.

Terms to registered for pregnancy care

There are regulated terms for conducting pregnancy examinations. Depending on the state of health of an expectant mother, her age and individual features, an expert should determine a set of diagnostic measures and decide whether additional, unscheduled examinations and visits to other specialized experts are necessary. During pregnancy the patient is monitored by an obstetrician-gynecologist, and routine visits to other specialized experts are also included in the management program.

It is better to register with an obstetrician-gynecologist right upon determining pregnancy. It is important to do this during 12 weeks. Early observation allows you to:

  • 1. Identify a fetus’s disease/detect an ectopic pregnancy, prevent serious consequences;
  • 2. Provide timely assistance to women who underwent infertility treatment, recurrent pregnancy loss and other health issues;
  • 3. Receive a doctor’s consultation responding to patient’s medical state: overcoming toxicosis and other «companions» of early pregnancy.

Pregnancy management program at Reprolife Medical Center consists of all necessary procedures and examinations, so you can sign up to get registered once you find out about being pregnant. Provide timely assistance to women who underwent infertility treatment, recurrent pregnancy loss and other health issues.Receive a doctor’s consultation responding to patient’s medical state: overcoming toxicosis and other «companions» of early pregnancy.

Schedule of routine examinations


You can start your prenatal care program at Reprolife Medical Center in Kiev by being registered. The obstetrician-gynecologist performs an examination, takes a vaginal smear, evaluates the condition of the mammary glands. In some cases, an ultrasound scan is performed to examine the condition of the uterus, ovaries, in order to accurately determine the gestational age and to exclude ectopic attachment.

Next step for an expectant mother is to undergo a series of examinations:

  • 1. Blood and urine general tests;
  • 2. Prenatal biochemical screening;
  • 3. TORCH screening;
  • 4. Consultations of specialized experts (mammologist, endocrinologist, therapist, etc.)

Routine ultrasound examination of a fetus is carried 3 more times:

  • The first exam is conducted during weeks 10-14. In the process of the first ultrasound scan, gestational age is determined or specificated, fetus position is visible,uterus condition is assessed.
  • Second examination is conducted between weeks 20-24. During second ultrasound study, a fetus and placental condition are measured, volume of amniotic fluid is evaluated. This particular scan procedure makes it possible to determine the gender of a baby.


  • The third examination is conducted during weeks 32-34 and allows a doctor to assess the condition and presentation of a child before childbirth.

At the appointment of the attending physician, any ultrasound examination may be performed at any pregnancy term.

Pregnancy Management Following
In Vitro Fertilization

After confirming such a precious and long-awaited pregnancy by means of IVF program, the second very responsible and important period occurs – child bearing. Pregnancy management, which occurred due to the assisted reproductive technologies (ART), has its own peculiarities, which require a high level of professionalism from a doctor and careful, individual approach.

Extensive practical experience of obstetrician-gynecologists at Reprolife Medical Center allows them to treat and care for pregnant women after IVF, close connection with fertility experts allows for coordinated care which is especially important at the stage when hormonal supporting treatment is reduced.

We offer a variation of expert help options at every stage of the pregnancy. The pregnancy management program is organized according international protocols, with the participation of leading specialists of our medical center, which makes it possible to monitor the health status of an expectant mother and fetal development.

The pregnancy management program includes ultrasound prenatal diagnosis of a fetus in all trimesters, cervicometry of neck of the uterus condition in case of patients having such risks, expert consultations, all the necessary tests proved by international medical practice, psychological support.

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life and expert stuff of Reprolife Medical Center does everything to make it comfortable, ensuring a baby will be born healthy and strong. Our mission statement is to make it happen, the true holiday when a family receives their new born baby.

Prenatal care in case of Rh
Incompatibility during pregnancy

Rh conflict occurs when the Rhesus factor of a mother and a fetus are different. This situation is requires the special approach, since a woman’s body produces antibodies to its fetus, perceiving an unborn child as a foreign body.

In this case, blood tests for antibodies must be taken every month, and with a decrease in the level of red blood cells in fetal blood, a doctor prescribes a vaccine intended for the treatment in such cases. Leading obstetrician-gynecologist of ReproLife Medical Center, pays utmost attention to pregnancy complications, taking prompt and well-timed measures.

Pregnancy Management

When a woman is carrying more than one baby, the load on her body increases significantly.

Pregnancies with twins or triplets in most cases have a high risk of gestosis, impaired renal function, anemia, premature birth and other complications. It is very important to pay equal attention to the health and development of each baby. ReproLife medical center equipment, as well as the experience and competence of obstetrician-gynecologists dealing with pregnancy management, make it possible to engage all the resources allowing multiple gestation to occur safely, improving a future mother and babies health condition.

Why choose pregnancy management program at Reprolife?

  • Competence.
    Pregnancy management at Reprolife Medical Center is performed by highly qualified obstetrician-gynecologists stuff. All employees annually undergo further professional training, participating in international conferences and forums being  invited as major speakers, exchanging advanced ideas and opinions. That provides expectant mothers with a modern, innovative approach and high diagnostic accuracy, and, if necessary, treatment based on the latest scientific achievements.
  • Comfort and highest level service.
    We do care not only about health of future mothers and their babies but also about the comfort of every patient in our clinic.
  • Equipment.
    Reprolife medical center is equipped with advanced modern equipment including 3D/4D ultrasound machines and HD live and HD Silhouette unique imaging technologies, giving possibilities to thoroughly examine blood vessels, heart, brain and other organs of a child. Possessing our own laboratory opens the ability to analyze and perform tests, which makes it possible to perform accurate diagnostics with a subsequent adequate treatment.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Approach.
    We pay particular attention to diagnostic accuracy. Frequently, the decision is made during case conference engaging range of health professionals.