The IVF program with a donor embryo

When a couple comes to the Reprolife Medical Center, we always try to use their own capabilities (the woman’s eggs and the partner’s sperm) for fertilization in the IVF program. There are situations when it is not possible to conduct an IVF program with the couple’s own biomaterial. In such cases, we resort to the help of donor eggs and donor spermatozoa. The advantage is a faster start of the program: no need to undergo stimulation and culture of embryos, and it is enough to prepare for the transfer.

Dual donation is the IVF program that gives the best results. Such a program consists of the transfer of an embryo at the blastocyst stage after the fertilization of a donor egg with the donor’s sperm.

The IVF program with a donor embryo will help you become a mother in a situation:

  • Late reproductive age. From the age of 43, the probability of conceiving a healthy baby using one’s own eggs is significantly reduced due to the accumulation of genetic mutations in oocytes throughout life.
  • After surgery on the ovaries in the past. For example, there was a cystectomy (removal of ovarian cysts), which affected tissue damage and the inability to obtain oocytes.
  • After surgery on the ovaries in the past. For example, there was a cystectomy (removal of ovarian cysts), which affected tissue damage and the inability to obtain oocytes.
  • With genetic diseases in a couple.
  • With severe male factor infertility (when fertilization is impossible even with the help of ICSI) and female, associated with the absence of oocytes or the impossibility of obtaining them
  • If embryos systemically stop developing in the IVF program using own patient׳s oocytes.
  • Menopausal state.

The main advantage of the IVF program with a donor embryo is that the woman’s age does not matter for successful conception.If a woman is somatically healthy and she has a healthy uterus, then the success rate of pregnancy as a result of such a treatment program is very high.

The IVF program with a donor embryo includes

Consultations of a reproductive specialist on the program
Selection of donor embryos in the cryobank of the clinic
UZ-3 D monitoring of endometrial growth and readiness for embryo transfer
Embryological program: thawing of an approved donor embryo
Embryo transfer of the embryo at the blastocyst stage into the uterine cavity, stay in the ward

Advantages of IVF with a donor embryo in Medical center Reprolife

Individually tailored support to prepare for embryo transfer

The reproductive specialist in our clinic always individually selects medical support to prepare a woman’s body for embryo transfer and childbearing. It is important to take into account the hormonal profile of each woman, the state of the endometrium, its features, the state of the genetic parameters of the blood coagulation system, and the immunological factor. This is what significantly increases the effectiveness of the IVF program.


Embryo transfer in the program with donor embryos is carried out at the blastocyst stage when embryos have gained the best quality.It is at this stage that the possibility of successful attachment of the embryo is always higher and the embryo is the most viable.

Own bank of biomaterial

We use our own donor selection program. Thanks to our bank, we control the quality of the donation process and offer a flexible choice.

Medical, psychological and genetic examinations during the selection of a donor

In addition to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, Reprolife applies strict control in the donor program to ensure our patients that all donors included in the program have passed strict medical, genetic, psychological control.

Phenotypic similarity

We always take into account the external features of donors so that they resemble the recipient as much as possible.


The average age of our oocyte donors is 24 years old and cannot be older than 32 years old. The age of sperm donors does not exceed 35 years.

In Reprolife, we strive to offer our couples the safest and most effective treatment for both mother and baby. 

That is why we strive to minimize the chances of multiple pregnancies and related complications using the single embryo transfer method. The use of this method does not affect the success rate of pregnancy, while ensuring the safety of both mother and child during treatment.

Features of the Donor Embryo Transfer Program

  • Donor embryo transfer is the same as in any other IVF protocol;
  • Preparation for embryo transfer is carried out under the supervision of a reproductive specialist;
  • The preparation strategy is always to be selected individually, taking into account all the features of each particular woman.
  • The program uses embryos obtained from the fertilization of the eggs of a young, healthy woman and the spermatozoa of a healthy sperm donor.
  • The embryologist thaws the embryo at the blastocyst stage, cultivates it, and makes sure of its excellent quality;
  • Embryo transfer is completely painless, therefore we don’t use anesthesia;
  • After the embryo transfer, you need to stay in the clinic for about 2 hours, and then go home;
  • The woman receives detailed recommendations on how to behave after embryo transfer and medical support;
  • In the IVF program, a personal assistant and a reproductive specialist are always in touch with our patients;
  • Such a program gives a minimum hormonal load on a woman’s body;
  • Personalized hormonal support for early pregnancy.

Zhuravleva Elena Nikolaevna

«A pregnancy that occurred after the transfer of a donor embryo is no different from a natural one. Since most such pregnancies occur after the age of 40, the management of such pregnancies requires more attention from the leading obstetrician-gynecologist. Don’t worry, you don’t need to inform the obstetrician that the embryo is a donor, as this does not affect the tactics of childbirth».


Olha Romanova

chief medical officer, reproductologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, MD, PhD. ; main specialty: obstetrics and gynecology.

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Head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

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Our family came to the REPROLIFE clinic on the recommendation of our friends from the Fyodorov family. We want to thank Olga Olehivna, Vasyl Vasyliovych and absolutely the whole team for their work and most importantly for the end result. We all went through a difficult stage of treatment together, but today my wife and I are the happiest parents in the world!

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Olga Olegovna and assistant Anechka gave our family happiness and the meaning of life! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and bow to the ground for your work

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From the bottom of our hearts we would like to express our gratitude to the REPROLIFE Clinic.
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