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What to do if there is no response to ovarian stimulation in the IVF program?  

Experience, the use of progressive knowledge, faith in the consequence give us the opportunity to achieve a result with a couple, even in difficult situations - the birth of healthy children in the family!

What is endometritis? How does chronic endometritis affect embryo implantation?

Endometritis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the uterine cavity (of endometrium), to which the embryo implants. It has been established that chronic inflammation of the enometrium causes - a reaction of the immune system and thus affects the possibility of the necessary changes in the endometrium for implantation (impairs the sensitivity of receptors to sex hormones and susceptibility to the embryo). After treatment of chronic endometritis, the prognosis for a successful pregnancy improves.

Do we need to do a DNA analysis of sperm fragmentation?

The experienced and competent team of Reprolife Clinic recommends only the most necessary tests and research that have a scientific basis. We can lead you to the dream of becoming a parents!

Hysteroscopy is miniinvasive operation and sutureless.

This technique requires stay in day hospital and does not cause the discomfort to the woman, after the procedure you can resume normal daily activities.         Reprolife Clinic has an expert medical team that specializes in endoscopic gynecology.

What are the main reasons for embryo implantation failure?

The successful onset of pregnancy depends on a number of events, among which the implantation of the embryo is one of the most important. With faith and the right mindset for the main result, the teamwork of the couple and the reproductologist, such situations as RIF are surmountable.

No fertilized eggs? Why? What to do next?

Although the experience is emotionally difficult, there are many ways for the main goal - to achieve the desired pregnancy and have healthy children!

Oocyte accumulation at low ovarian reserve

The number of eggs for fertilization is one of the major factors in the success of pregnancy in the IVF program

SLEEP AND HORMONES. Part I: Why is it important to sleep well?

At any age, a sufficient amount and quality of sleep is necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system and endocrine organs, regulation of metabolism and ensuring physical and mental health, says Anna Vitalievna Shargorodskaya, endocrinologist-gynecologist of our clinic.


Proper daily routine is very important for productive and healthy sleep at night. Take care of your health. Sweet dreams and good morning!

Why do blastocysts grow on the 7th day?

Today Tkachenko Anna, the embryologist of our clinic, talks about why blastocysts grow on the 7th day

How do hormones affect skin condition?

Today, our obstetrician-gynecologist, Anna Nikolaevna Osmak, will talk about such important hormones as cortisol, melatonin, androgens, estrogens, and how these hormones affect the skin condition.

Endocrine Health Program

The basis of all our achievements in life and success is good health and a clear mind. We will correct your hormonal status, restore the balance of vitamins, microelements and metabolic processes in the body.