About us

Mission and goals

  • Our mission is to help people plan, conceive, bear and give birth to healthy children. We contribute to human life key meanings – safe parenthood, fulfilling ourselves raising happy children!
  • Each employee at ReproLife clinic takes part in development program. All our experts are working constantly to improve their own qualifications in order to increase the quality and safety of our services.
  • Reprolife Medical Center is proud to have a team of professionals, providing our patients with the best solutions, individual and comprehensive treatment based on evidence-based medicine.

Core Principles & Values of our team:

  • Each patient is unique, for that reason we develop individual treatment plan, which allows us to make a diagnosis and perform treatment with the successful results.
  • Patient’s freedom of choice and decision-making are fundamental principles that we respect.
  • Successful doctor-patient communication is our key to great results.
  • We are constantly improving the qualifications of medical personnel, which motivates our professionals and increases the effectiveness of medical care.
  • Transfer of best practices and mutual scientific enrichment due to constant participation in world scientific congresses and communities.
  • We promote scientific studies and advanced innovations in medicine, always pay maximum attention to each patient.
  • We always stay committed to medical professional responsibility and ethics.
  • Social Responsibility: with the help our foundation we participate in social projects.
  • High quality is our main priority, which ensures high treatment effectiveness.

Ethical principles and values

  • «Welfare of the patient above all else» — is our guiding principle and core value.
     All activities of our medical center are directed to benefit your well being. Reprolife Medical Center was founded by doctors and throughout the whole time management and decision-making in the clinic is carried out by doctors based on medical criteria. In our work, we are guided exclusively by ethical standards and outcome measure.
  • The ability to provide our patients with treatment in compliance with the highest medical and ethical standards is one of the basic principles on which is based the trust of thousands of our patients.
  • In addition, the continuous improvement of medical background, careful monitoring of all processes and analysis of the results by means of most modern medical diagnostic equipment, allow us to provide the highest quality services.
  • ReproLife Medical Center is created for patients, providing them with the latest scientific achievements and effective treatment methods —  this is the starting place and central focus of our enthusiasm and commitment to excellence in patient care.