Olha Romanova
chief medical officer, reproductologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, MD, PhD. ; main specialty: obstetrics and gynecology.

Donor egg program at the Reprolife Medical Center  

Reprolife Medical Center is a leading clinic in the field of reproductive technologies in overcoming infertility. IVF using donor eggs is an important area of our clinic’s work in achieving pregnancy and the birth of healthy children in cases where it is not possible to obtain one’s own oocytes.

What benefits does a couple receive in the egg donor program at Reprolife Medical Center?

  • Own cryobank and a large database of oocyte donors, which is regularly replenished
  • We are distinguished by exhaustive selection of the donor with the aim of maximum similarity with the recipient mother.
  • Careful selection: each donor is tested for the presence of monogenic hereditary diseases, which makes it possible to choose a donor with a known genetic status
  • We carry out comprehensive psychological, medical and genetic screening before accepting any candidate as a donor.
  • Examination of personal and family medical history conducted by a reproductive specialist.   Each oocyte donor undergoes chromosomal and genetic studies in order to rule out the most common hereditary diseases.
  • If necessary, our donors undergo a CGT Plus genetic compatibility test: a study of recessive mutations associated with the development of 570 monogenic diseases (Male – 455 genes, Female – 519 genes, including 64 X-linked), 20,000 variants or CGT Exome: the most complete screening of recessive mutations associated with the development of more than 2,200 monogenic diseases based on whole-exome sequencing (Male – 1,979 genes, Female – 2,043 genes, including 64 X-linked), >50,000 variants.
    The expectant father can take this test to verify the results with the donor and ensure that the embryo will not have them.     Personalized approach
  • we can invite an oocyte donor of your choice and carry out a stimulation cycle specifically for your program
  • Provision of 8 or 12 oocytes: the choice of the number of eggs depends on the individual situation of each couple.
  • We guarantee that the selection of the most complete embryo for transfer takes place as naturally as possible.
  • In fact, 100% of all embryo transfers are carried out on day 5 or 6 of embryonic development at the blastocyst stage. The sustained process of cultivating the embryo to blastocyst, as well as any success-oriented techniques that may be required in the embryology laboratory, are included in the treatment at no additional cost.
  • A combined program is possible: with own and donor oocytes
  • The high level of qualification of the reproductive specialist and embryologist, innovative equipment and high work standards allow obtaining and storing only high-quality eggs
  • The effectiveness of the program with donor eggs in our clinic is 79.8% for the transfer of one euploid embryo during PGT-A. In this way, we guarantee that the treatment will lead to the birth of a healthy child.

High standards in the work of our specialists ensure the maximum effectiveness of infertility treatment programs and a comfortable path to the desirable motherhood.