Романова Ольга Олеговна
Главный врач клиники, ведущий репродуктолог; основная специальность: акушерство и гинекология.

Our Birthday on Pechersk!

October 24 is a very important date for us – exactly a year ago, our second branch, the Medical Center in Pechersk, began its work!

This is the clinic in which we have realized our dreams and ideas about progressive medicine. We have been preparing for this event for a long time, for many years, providing assistance in the treatment of infertility, pregnancy management, urology, endocrinology. This is a clinic where you can solve even the most difficult health problems. But it is better not to allow them to occur. That is why we pay special attention to prevention.

At Reprolife in Pechersk, the whole team tries to organize the stay of our visitors so that it is as pleasant as possible. We have created an atmosphere that does not resemble a hospital, because our mission is to make the appearance of a new person a holiday.

The expert level is something that applies to our entire medical team! We use only the best world experience in diagnostics and treatment. Only proven methods, international protocols and clinical guidelines, the effectiveness of which has been proven. In our clinic, we work only on new expert equipment.

And high professionalism is not the only quality of our colleagues. We need to share our principles and be close to us in spirit. It is not easy to find such people, but we succeeded!
Our team includes doctors whom we trust. We would contact them ourselves and definitely recommend to relatives and friends.

Our team wishes everyone health and a careful attitude towards themselves! Take care of your health today!

Parenting is a wonderful embodiment of yourself in your children! And we will always do our best for this!)